Caroline Lesgourgues is particulary interested by and has a hightened awarness for the world of plants and likes to share this emotion using her own incisive style. Paying special attention to her surroundings, she draws from life or memory and selects from a range of techniques (graphite, black stone, red chalk, sepia and colours, etchings, collagraphies or the Hayter technique) the one which will better enhance the desired effect and mood : poetry, softness, beauty, personal tribute, passage of time. In her interpretation, Caroline Lesgourgues flirts on the borderline between the concrete and abstract. Drawing - compulsory in any composition - is omnipresent in her engravings and work on canvas as it gives structure and helps organise the layout. By way of monochromatic and polychromatic contrasts, the artist reconstructs the natural power and the intense emotion she feels when admiring Mother Nature. Drawing finds its glory in engragiving.
the artist
pjL 2013
A graduate from the Duperré School of Applied Arts, she is a visual artist, interior designer and painter engraver. For over 30 years drawing and engraving have been a real passion. Caroline is a teacher and a designer.